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Creating change you are asking for with tailor-made cocktail of energetic bodywork and verbal processes.

Access Bars®

Reduces anxiety and stress, creates clarity . At worst, receiving a session will leave you feeling like you had a great massage; at best, your whole life may change.

Energetic Facelift

Rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of ageing on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body.



I have had a few distant SOP sessions with Huan. I always thought I was not good at feeling the energy until after having received these sessions. At one session, I was in a trance enjoying Huan’s potent energy. My forehead was just like a monitor screen that was playing different incidents of lifetimes all of a sudden was completely wiped out from left to right, crisp and clear. That motion was so dramatic that got me back to consciousness. I felt I was utterly ‘refreshed’. Another time, in the middle of the session, when I was asleep, I was awakened by a sudden burst of a spectacular show of sparkling silver firework which played in my forehead for a couple of minutes. I was in awe and speechless! Huan is such a gifted and potent energy healer, sweet, gentle and joyous. I appreciate how she has lightened up my life and expanded the space of my being from thousands of miles away! My healing power for others has also been enhanced to the degree I could not imagine prior to taking her sessions!
I received SOP and Bars and Access body processes from Huan in person and also received a distance SOP sessions from Huan, it’s amazing !!! She is totally a powerhouse ! My body moved so joyfully while she is giving me the SOP. And she is such a joyful & lovely pretty lady, I love to receive more sessions from her again !!!! Love you dear Huan!!!and thank you !!!
I had the most enjoyable healing session with Huan recently. She really does have unique skills and abilities to pick up what is going on for me and then clear the issues from my body. Very grateful Huan Thank you!
Huan is a dear friend. Besides that she’s a great energy contributor! Yesterday when I felt the whole world was crashing down, she did a SOP session on me, and today I felt as if my whole world had changed magically..thank you for the amazing contribution..with love & gratitude..

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Huan Xu is a very gentle and powerful healer, a health care professional, a mother of a potent being, an unconventional wife and an unstoppable seeker.

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