Are you aware of the spirits?

Are you ever curious about what’s happening in the spirits realm?
Have you heard stories about ghosts, ancestors, angels and demons?
How many of the stories are true?
What if you are more powerful than them? And all you need are tools that help you to deal with them?

I had a very interesting experience with my 3.5 years old daughter Anya. One day out of the blue, she stopped being herself, looking extremely tired with no obvious symptom of sickness. I noticed that her energy was a lot denser than usual and there were entities around her. I used the tools to work with her, and she bounced back to a lively happy girl within 15 mins. This experience has shone some light on the world of entities for both of us. And from that day on, Anya would not stop telling me what she can see. One thing she repetitively emphasized was that “ They are not much different to us.”

Would you like to find out what exactly happened?
Click HERE (the story starts around 2:00 of the video).

What are entities?
Entities are energy with identities that do not have a body. There can be human entities, animal entities, natural spirits, light spirits (such as angels), and demons etc. Just like people, entities can be smart, dumb, aware, confused, cheeky, destructive and helpful.

How do you sense entities?
Have you ever walked into an old house and for no obvious reasons it just doesn’t feel right? That’s your awareness of the entities in the house.

Everyone has a different capacity to sense entities. For me, it’s the density of energy around me, and sometimes a pressure on my forehead or shoulder. Some people smell them, some people see them, some people hear them, some people have unusual emotions and feelings when entities are around. Most of the awareness is like a gentle breeze that you can’t cognitively analyse. What is your awareness of the entities?

What do you do with entities?
More than 80% of the time, entities just want to be cleared so they can move on and not be stuck in this world. Who can clear them? YOU!

Here is the very powerful clearing statement that you should be told when you learned to speak. You can use it on one or multiple entities.

Truth, who and what are you? Truth, who and what you before that? Truth, who and what you before that? Truth, who and what you before that? Truth, who and what you before that? Truth, who and what you before that? Truth, who and what will you be in the future? Take your luggage and magnetic imprint, leave now, please.

Yes, it’s that simple. Start playing with it and discover for yourself.

What happens to the other 20% of the entities? These are entities who want to communicate with you or contribute to you. For example, they can be deceased family members who want to pass a message to you. They could be your team mates, some call them guardian angels that are here to help you create your life. Would you like to receive more from them?

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