Communicating with your body

Would you like to have more ease and joy with your body?

We’ve been told that we should be on a strict diet, where the science changes it’s mind at least every six months. We’ve been told to count our calories and do three repetitions of cardio and two days of weight training each week. We’ve been told that when we fatigue, push harder and we’ll see the reward at the end of it. Where is the question to ask your body what he/she desire? Can we please work with our bodies, not on our bodies?

Have you ever tried communicating with your body and ask him/her questions?

Here is an effective exercise that I now incorporate into everything I do, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been creating faster, and having more ease and fun with my body. With everything that involves my body, I’d ask like she’s my best friend:

Hey body, are you hungry? Would you like to eat? What would you like to eat? Can you please give me a strong signal once you’ve had enough?

Hey, body, which cloth will be contributing to you today? What’s nourishing for you? Which jewellery, perfume, shoes are fun for you?

Hey body, how would you like to move? Walk? Dance? Running? Gym? for how long and at what intensity、

How do you know what your body is telling you?

Stand straight with your two feet together and hold the object in front of your stomach, your body will swing to it if he/she’d like to have it.

Or go for the first thing that you touch or look at.

Or you can use this other tool that’s fast and easy: light and heavy:

What’s light is true for you, what’s heavy is not.

Do you desire to change your body shape?

Sure, ask your body, hey, body, I’d like to have a 68cm waist, what can we do and be that will make it happen with total ease? Your body loves to work with you, to support you, to do whatever crazy thing you’d like to do in the world. Please acknowledge that and have fun with him/ her like your best friend, not your enemy or something you’ve got to conquer. Thank you, beautiful bodies.

How much more fun can you have with your body if you are willing to ask questions?

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