Beyond definitions – The energy pulls with Huan Xu

Hello, beautiful beings!
How you be?
Are you defining who what where and when you are?
Are you defining how you interact with everyone and everything, including your future?
What if you can create your life in a totally different way?
We invite you to create and dance in the Undefined Energy Pull series with Huan Xu .
We will explore how we are the dynamic energy flow in action, play with the molecules of the universe and bodies, and dance with the space of possibilities and future we desire.
What if that is what you BE? Would you like to choose it now?
What if the universe is waiting to play with you and contribute to you in ways beyond your imagination?
Would you like to dance with the universe?


Jan 05 2019


5:30 pm - 6:00 pm


50 €
Huan Xu


Huan Xu
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