Is the pain in your body screaming at you?

Have you ever wondered if your body has his/her own language? What would your body say to you if you can hear him/her?

We’ve all had experiences with pain, tension, soreness and aches. What do you do with it? Do you load your body with painkillers immediately to mute your body’s screaming? What happens when the painkillers don’t work? Do you start googling what the pain might be and do a self-diagnose, then come up with 101 things that could be wrong with your body? Do you rush your body to the doctors and ask them to solve your problem: “Doctor, here is my body, find out what’s wrong with it and fix it for me, please.” Through the self-medication, self-diagnosis and help-seeking, have you ever stopped and asked your body: “Hey, body, what are you trying to tell me here?”

Say what?! Yes, you’ve read me clearly – have you asked your body what the intense sensation that’s presenting as pain really is? Our bodies are intelligent organisms that have awareness and perceptive senses that are always communicating with us subtlely. When the bodies are not heard, they increase their voice, just like kids do, if you still ignore them, they’ll start screaming until they’ve got your attention. And a lot of the time, the screaming is so loud and intense that it feels like pain.

So how can you hear your body better? You could wear a stethoscope and move it all over your body if you like, it’ll be fun to do it, but you may not hear much more than scratching sound on your clothes and gurgling noise in your tummy.

There is this wonderful tool called “Ask a question”:

Body, what’s this intensity on my right back? Is it mine? Someone else? Or something else?
What? Your pain may not even be yours? Yes. Our bodies are far more aware than what we’d like to admit, they pick up signals from people around you and far away from you all the time. Just like when two females living in the same house would have synchronised menstrual cycles, our bodies can pick up energy from other people’s feeling, emotion and thoughts that manifest as pain.

Is it somebody else’ pain? Send it back to the sender with consciousness attached, you are not going to harm them, you’re sending them the awareness of their own problem so they can deal with it. And seriously, you taking their pain doesn’t cure them.

Is it something else? 99% of the time, it’s mother earth requiring your contribution to her. Yes, it sounds strange, just say 123 and send the energy of intensity back to mother earth, and see what happens. I’ve removed the long-standing intense pain in my Reiki teacher’s body with this question. It does work. Or use it to prove me wrong.

And your body tells you that it’s your own pain? (don’t you love your own pain, your precious pain)
Ask more questions:

If the pain can speak to me, what would it say?

Is it you’ve been feeding the body wrongly? Have you been moving in the way that your body doesn’t enjoy? Is it stuck emotion or beliefs?

What do I do with it?

Can I change it?

If so, how can I change it?

These questions are not to be used to find a definitive answer, it leads to more awareness of what your body is telling you. And of course, the backache at the same position is not always conveying the same message each time. So play with the questions and have fun with them. When you get too serious and make the pain significant, it sticks you. And please follow the first awareness you get after asking the question, a tightness in your throat can mean family issues you have, don’t dismiss it just because the answer doesn’t make logical sense. The less you analyse it, the easier it is to get to know your body better

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