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Are you deeply frustrated with the same old problem that’s recurring over and over again and you just can’t change it? Whether it’s the chronic nagging pain in your body, the constant drama with your relationships or the money problem that seems never-ending.


My Reiki teacher came to me for a session with nagging pain in her hip that’s been waking her up at night for two years. It was intriguing to know that being a healer herself, she never looked into the true cause of her problem further than conventional medicine, and she’s convinced that she has rheumatoid arthritis.
While working on her body, I asked a few questions about her beliefs regarding her body, and where the pain could be from. It turned out that the pain was not even hers, yes, strange, right?

Such concept was foreign for her too, but fortunately she was open enough for me to send the pain away. Her point of view quickly changed when she came off the massage table free of pain for the first time in 2 years.

During your session, I will ask you a series of questions and give you pragmatic tools to work on your concerns. The consultation is for you to go beyond the point where you know you can make a different choice in a specific area but can’t see how. It is clearing the points of view and judgments that enforce the limitations that are holding you in place. Allowing you to have clarity and ease with creation of your life. 

I will also combine the consultation with energy healing modalities (Reiki, Access Body processes, Symphony of Possibilities) to speed up the change.

Your physical, mental and energetic bodies are intimately connected. A physical problem is usually a reflection of an unhealthy belief system or energetic disturbance. So working on your physical and energetic body can affect your mind, and clearing your mind can heal your body too. This is why the combination of energy healing and consultation can create dynamic change. 

We are highly aware that we pick up other’s thoughts feelings, emotions and pain without cognitively knowing it.

private session

In the 60 minutes of a private session, we will work together to create the change you desire in life and clear the blockages in the way. Depending on what you desire to achieve from the session and what your body is asking for at the time, you will receive tailored bodyworks and verbal processes. They can include all or some of the following

Session price 60min :AUD $490
Session price 30min :AUD $445

Package price available, please contact Huan for more information.

In-person, hands-on energetic bodywork that relaxes your brain, clears your past, expands your creative potential, and creates molecular change in the body & mind on every level.

SOP session opens up the space of being that you've been asking for, which allows you to follow that energy and create what you desire in life. It is an energetic session that works on your body and your being.

ESSE is a hands-on bodywork that creates more space and restores functionality in the body.

We can look at your life in a really present way and create specific clearings and processes that will create the greatest result in your life.

Reiki and Seichim are universal energy that assists the body to heal.

Customer reviews

Highly recommended, Huan has the most gentle, yet powerful healing energy. Huan Xu took away the nagging pain from my hip that I have been ignoring for years. Love her gentle and caring approach with people.

Lynne-Marie Whitty

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